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A true multi-disciplinary company, Intro utilises the literal advisory services of its planning and development staff to complement the innovative approach of its designers.

The holistic group of technical disciplines possessed by Intro provide a truly unique approach to development and project outcomes, whereby all facets of the formative marketing, design and construction process are considered.

The success of our work is measured through the repeat business of key local, national and international clients, with whom Intro has forged robust and long term professional relationships.


Our designs deliver a unique and considered solution for each project. Our team strive to produce work that is economically responsible, environmentally appropriate and contextually responsive.

This pragmatic tendency is combined with the value of good design and the belief that sustainability in building is as much about creating sensitive and enduring user experience as it is about energy use and materiality.


Our firm has considerable experience in Principal Urban and Regional Planning, which gives us a competitive advantage through our detailed knowledge of State and Local Government planning processes.

With experience in development management and town planning, Intro are able to offer expertise in land use planning, design management and economics to manage the delivery of highly complex projects.

Damien Ellis
Managing Director

Terry Boxall

Anthony Gatti
Senior Planning Advisor

Brendan Scarborough
Senior Architect

Timothy Stead
Senior Architect

Luci Ward
Planning Advisor

Samuel Toole
Graduate of Architecture

James Frolow
Architectural Designer

Stavros Zacharia
Graduate of Architecture

Linda Sawers
General Manager